Preparing Yourself: Things to Consider

So you’ve decided to dive into preparing yourself? That makes me happy! 🙂 You and your hubby are worth it!

The six areas I’ve included under Preparing Yourself are:

Heart and Mind ~ preparing your heart and mind to be your husband’s bride and the mistress of your own home.

Practical Preparation ~ well, everything not covered elsewhere. 😉 Like cleaning out your car or decluttering your craft supplies.

Care of Body and Mind ~ your physical and mental well-being, and preparation in light of those things. Better habits and practices. Getting fit, improving health.

Beauty and Grooming  ~ learning how to handle these things in appropriate ways, making improvements. Wedding beauty.

Dress and Wardrobe ~ adjusting the way you dress (if needed), preparing your wardrobe, improving wardrobe management, etc.

Preparing a Trousseau ~ putting together a trousseau, if that interests you.

Trousseau is pronounced troo’ so or troo so’ (true-sew or true-sew), and it means “the special wardrobe a bride assembles for her marriage.” It can also mean everything a bride brings with her to marriage ~ clothing, linens, dishes, etc. ~ but I am using it in the former sense.


Obviously there’s some overlap here! If it makes more sense to you to divide things up in a different way, feel free to do so.


Psst: Have you read the precursor to this post For the Bride: Things to Consider?


Preparing Yourself: Things to Consider


Every bride is different. Here are some things to take into consideration before you start making plans:

Your Resources ~ time, money, tools, skills, space. You can’t do everything, even if you want to. What do you have to work with?

Your Circumstances ~ your responsibilities, your family’s needs, the length of your engagement, your non-prep priorities and goals, etc.

Your Husband-to-be ~ what he needs and values.

Your Self ~ your needs, interests, priorities, values, etc.

All of these things will help you define your goals!




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