18 Knitted Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Do you knit? Your bridesmaids could be the happy recipients of a handmade thank you gift! 


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There are probably a lot more than eighteen knitted bridesmaid gift options out there (I mean, you could even knit a baby elephant or barefoot sandals . . . ) but I’ve tried to stick with more normal stuff that you might actually have time to knit and that are more . . . practical.


18 Hand Knitted Bridesmaid Gift Ideas


For Her Hands

#1 Gloves

#2 Mittens

#3 Fingerless gloves

#4 Wrist warmers


Quick and Easy MittensQuick and Easy Mittens – $5.99
from: Leisure Arts, Inc.


For Her Feet

#5 Socks

#6 Slippers


For Her Head

#7 A hat or beanie

# 8 A bonnet or hood

#9 A headband


Hat “Luchia”

from: Craftsy


Other Wearables and Accessories

#10 A scarf

#11 A cowl

#12 Leg warmers

#13  A bag or purse


For Her Home

#14 A pillow cover 

# 15 Coasters 

# 16 Pot holders

# 17 Bath set/spa set

# 18 A dress for her bottle of dish soap


Classic Knit Pillow ePattern
Classic Knit Pillow ePattern – $5.99

from: Leisure Arts, Inc.


Do you knit? What would you knit for your bridesmaids?



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