Planning With Pinterest Part VI: Setting Up Housekeeping With Pinterest

Wondering how you can use Pinterest to help you with setting up housekeeping? Here are some ideas!


Planning With Pinterest Part 1: Setting Up Housekeeping With Pinterest ~ Virtuous Weddings


4 Reasons to Use Pinterest to Help You Set Up Housekeeping

  1. It’s visual
  2. You can share what you find with others—or not. It works great whether you want to get feedback from family, only share between the two of you, or keep your ideas and plans to yourself.
  3. Other people can easily share ideas for you by pinning to their own board which you follow or by pinning to a group board you’ve set up. No sense doing it all yourself!
  4. Home ideas—from products to room ideas to DIY projects are all over Pinterest. Take advantage of that!



4 Best Uses of Pinterest for Setting Up Housekeeping

  1. Home décor ideas.
  2. Blog posts on virtually any subject of interest—budgeting, money management, moving, cleaning, shopping, saving money, planning menus, cooking, gardening, homemaking, etc. Pin and learn!
  3. Find and compare products you might want to buy or might want to add to your gift registry.
  4. Learn your style (and share your styles with each other).


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4 Setting Up Housekeeping Pinterest Boards You Might Want

  1. Home Ideas—just a board for general home or homemaking ideas you find and might want to look into later.
  2. Home Decor—for home arrangement and decorating ideas or how-tos.
  3. Storage and Organization—you’ll be amazed at the ideas out there!
  4. Homekeeping—for cleaning tips and more.


4 Secret Boards You Could Create

  1. My Style—or maybe, “Our Style.”
  2. Things to read/do. Stuff you need to buy, things you want to research, or things you’re making for your home.
  3. Our Home—things you’ve actually decided to have or do (or something similar). This will give you a quick overview of your plans so far. Include notes in the description area.
  4. Wish List. Be realistic. Use it to help you make decisions, not to fuel discontent!

Name them whatever you want. These are just the ideas!


Finding helpful blog posts


4 Tips for Using Pinterest to Set Up Housekeeping

  1. Use secret boards, especially for more personal things (i.e. what you’re going to do, not just random good ideas).
  2. Delete pins that no longer interest you so that what’s left is relevant (unless you might want it later, in which case you should move it to a different section or board). When I say, “delete” I’m thinking more in terms of product pins of many similar products you’re considering rather than just general ideas.
  3. Use board sections and multiple boards so you can categorize your pins.
  4. Include notes in the description (especially on secret boards) about why you like something or how you want to use it.


So, hop on over to Pinterest and follow some relevant boards. Then—create your own boards for ideas, inspiration, and—even—how-to’s.



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