Setting Up Housekeeping: Things to Consider

The wedding is only part of getting married!

Every new marriage creates a new home ~ and setting up housekeeping is no small task. It may be especially challenging when a young couple is setting up housekeeping for the first time (they have no experience and no stuff!) but merging households is also a big challenge because the two people are set in their ways and have too much stuff!

Here are eleven areas to consider (which also happen to be the major categories into which the Setting Up Housekeeping section is divided.


Setting Up Housekeeping: Things to Consider



The Setting Up Housekeeping section of Virtuous Weddings is primarily about pre-wedding planning and preparation (although you may continue to use the information and resources afterwards also). What you can accomplish during this time  will depend on the number of months until your wedding and how much time you have to devote to setting up housekeeping tasks. Although I encourage you to devote significant time and effort to this planning and preparation, I don’t want to you feel discouraged (or inferior) if you can’t accomplish everything you want to, and I certainly don’t intend for you to do everything I suggest. Just try to do what is most desirable, what is the most necessary, and what will be the most helpful to you  given the time you have.


The Setting Up Housekeeping Categories


#1 Organization and Planning

I named this category the opposite of Planning the Wedding’s Planning and Organization category to cut down on confusion. It’s about planning strategies and staying organized.


#2 Money

Money and your budget for setting up housekeeping, and how you’re going to manage your money after you’re married.


#3 Legalities and Personal Business

Home office type stuff (especially things that aren’t directly related to money, like zoning laws, magazine subscriptions, home office set-up, and the bride’s name change). If you’d rather, you can combine this and money. To me, it makes a little more sense to focus on each separately even though they overlap (the categories always overlap).


#4 Housing

Where you’re going to live and what you’re going to live in.


#5 Moving and Transitions

Getting there and getting settled!


#6 Homekeeping

Mostly for getting the homemaker ready for being the homemaker (but there will be things for both to consider).


#7 Kitchen and Food

Food preparation and eating are kind of a big deal where homemaking is concerned, so it gets it’s on section.


#8 Household Goods

The stuff you need (or want) to set up housekeeping and make a home.


#9 Health and Safety

Planning and preparing for a safe and healthful home.


#10 Home Decorating

Making your home pretty and homey.


#11 Gardening, Farming, and/or Homesteading

If you’re inseparable from these things, they’re a part of setting up housekeeping.


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