Snowflake Paper Punches

Need snowflake paper punches for your winter wedding (or a “cool” wedding shower 😉 )?


Snowflake Paper Punches (a resource list)


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Snowflake Paper Punches from


Snowflake Paper Punches from From

Snowflake paper punches come in a ranges of styles and sizes. Some snowflakes are part of sets that include other motifs (like the one on the right).


The set on the right includes a snowflake. I think if I was going to make a lot of snowflakes, I’d want a punch with a handle ~ though I’ve never tried one. You definitely want an easy-to-use punch if you’re making snowflake confetti!


And if none of these meet your needs, there are more!


Some ways to use your punches: confetti, placemats, memories (scrapbooking), table decor, handmade invitations.



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