Stop! Don’t Put That On Your Wedding Registry Until You Read This!

Eek! Do you know what you’re doing? Maybe. Maybe not. Run through this list of questions to make sure your registry is serving you well.


Stop! Don't put that on your wedding registry until you read this!



#1 Do you need it? ~ Do you really need it? Yes, it’s useful, but can you live well without it? Maybe you should try to live without because there are things you need more than you need it.


#2 Do you like it? ~ Pardon the dumb question, but it’s really not as dumb as it seems. Have you looked at that thing closely? Is it the best option for you? Is there something better ~ perhaps something more practical or more durable? Have you really compared it to your tastes or did you just pick it because it’s there? Will you like it in three years? Do you both like it?


#3 Is it top priority? ~ Or should you focus on other things first (and only add this one if your registry gets low)?


#4 Have you seen it in person? ~ Have you felt it? Have you held that fork in your hand or rubbed that towel against your skin?


#5 Do you already have something (in hand or on registry) that will work as well? ~ Maybe you should just stick with that.


#6 Is this something you are likely to receive as a non-registry wedding gift? ~ If so, you might consider not adding it to your registry at all so you don’t get too many duplicates.


#7 Can you find one used? ~ Could that be a better option? Give priority space on your registry to things you can’t get cheaply.


#8 Does someone have an extra one they can give you? Most people who have been married a while have duplicates of kitchen items, for example. Why waste wedding gifts on things you can get for free elsewhere?


#9 Will anyone you know actually buy it? ~ You really don’t know for sure but you might want to consider the people who will be using the registry before you go to the trouble to add things to it.


#10 Is it the best choice for you?  ~ Is this really the one that will work for you? Have you shopped around? Looked at features? Should you be adding a different brand or model instead? You are sure of it’s quality?


#11 Is this a good source of it?  ~ Or would it be better to register for this item somewhere else? While you shouldn’t have many registries, you can have two or three. Think carefully about which items you register for in each place.


Okay. Now you can proceed.

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Where are you registered for wedding gifts? What are you registering for?



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