The Big Picture: Things to Consider

The Big Picture is like the edge pieces of the wedding puzzle. It includes the things you need to know before you can fill in the details!


The Big Picture: Things to Consider


Things to Consider

  • The wedding date
  • The ceremony location
  • The reception location
  • The guest list (especially the approximate number of guests)
  • Who pays for what
  • The budget
  • Who is “hosting” the wedding (this affects who pays for what, the invitation wording, and the planning of the wedding and reception)
  • The general time and style of the wedding (formal, semi-formal, informal, casual)
  • The theme (if any) and colors
  • Who’s handling what, as far as wedding planning goes (who does what ~ as in who carries out the plans ~ is more a matter of details).


You can’t do much until you know these things!


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