The Ceremony: Things to Consider

The ceremony is the heart and purpose of your wedding. Give it the attention it deserves!


The Ceremony: Things to Consider


Things to Consider

Some of these are standard and necessary while others are optional.

  • The location
  • The time
  • The style
  • The theme and colors
  • The minister
  • The decor and flowers
  • The lighting and sound
  • The seating (where guests sit and how they get to their seats)
  • The wedding party
  • The ceremony accessories (unity candle, Bible, flower girl basket, etc.)
  • The order of service
  • The programs
  • The guest book
  • The music
  • The prayers
  • The readings
  • The unity ceremony
  • The processional
  • The giving of the bride
  • The welcome
  • The questions of intent
  • The sermon
  • The vows
  • The exchange of rings
  • The pronouncement
  • The kiss
  • The introduction
  • The recessional
  • The comfort of the guests
  • The duties of ushers and others
  • Photography during the ceremony
  • The coordinator


This is a long list and I’m pretty sure I’ve still left out some little detail. Don’t be overwhelmed! Just ignore what doesn’t apply to you and systematically work through what does.



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