The Characteristics of a Titus 2 Man

The Titus 2 Woman is kind of famous. Well, in a limited sort of way. In some Christian circles. . . . .


But what about a Titus 2 Man?


Never heard of one. Until now. But Paul, in Titus 2, gives almost as much instruction about how men (both young and old) should live as he does about women!

Last week I dissected the entire passage in Titus 2 dealing with the Titus 2 Woman and pulled out twelve traits listed there: The Characteristics of a Titus 2 Woman.

This week I’m doing the same with the verses about older men (verse 2) and younger men (verses 6-8). Here’s a list of the Characteristics of a Titus 2 Man:

(These are in my own words and I used the KJV to find them).

A Titus 2 Man . . .

Is Sober

Is Sober Minded

Is Grave

Is Temperate

Is Sound in Faith

Is Sound in Charity

Is Sound in Patience

Is Sound in Speech

Is Uncorrupt, Grave, and Sincere in Doctrine


Do you measure up?

That was sort of a rhetorical question meant to stimulate thought ~ because, seriously, few of us ever measure up to what we should be. But are you these things at all? This is sound doctrine, guys!


Here’s a simple printable of the above list.

Characteristics of a Titus 2 Man



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What do you think about this list?

Why do you think Paul chose these things to instruct the men in Titus’ churches?

Do the men around you demonstrate these characteristics?

Do you?


Tell me what you think!


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