The Characteristics of a Titus 2 Woman {with free printable}

We are accustomed to looking at the Titus 2 Woman in one of two ways: the older women, who are mentors, and the younger women. Today, however, I’ve dissected the entire passage and pulled out twelve traits listed there, regardless of which group of women they apply to.  I call them “the characteristics of a Titus 2 Woman” or “the traits of a Titus 2 woman.” While I think studying the passage, as written and in context, is valuable, I also find value in reading over a simple list of characteristics Paul thought worthy of bringing up ~ and God thought worthy of inspiring him to.   Here’s what I discovered: (These are in my own words and I used the KJV to find them).

A Titus 2 Woman  . . .

Is Sober

Is Discreet

Is Chaste

Is Good

Is, in Behavior, in Keeping With Holiness

Is Not a False Accuser

Is Not Given to Much Wine

Is a Teacher of Good Things

Is a Keeper at Home

Loves Her Husband

Loves Her Children

Is Obedient to Her Own Husband


  I wonder what would happen if we all just pursued those things?   Here’s a simple printable of the above list. Characteristics of a Titus 2 Woman   [ddownload id=”5816″ text=”Download Now”]   What do you think about this list? Why do you think Paul chose these things to instruct the women in Titus’ churches? Do the women around you demonstrate these characteristics? Do you? Tell me what you think!  


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    • Vickie on February 2, 2018 at 8:28 pm
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    At the end of the passage is the reason why Paul wrote this, that the WORD of GOD may not be blasphemed. In consideration of this passage and it’s importance to us women, one must ask if we in the Body of the LORD have been successful? We live in a society that likes to pick and choose. We do not look at the whole picture but only to our own interest. We have failed to live with the idea of future generations and the furthering of the Gospel and living according to His WORD. A look at the past 60 + yrs should cause us to consider the changes in society and where we stand as women of the LORD. What have the results been as we have tried to incorporate the ideas of feminism and have put as a priority of fame and fortune instead of GOD, family and home.

    1. I don’t think we, in general, have been successful. 🙁

    • Johnie Franklin on February 25, 2019 at 2:01 pm
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    We are a small group of women they we organized among our selfless to get together and teach young women
    what it means to Be A Titus2 woman. I;am sure this will be a great access .

    1. That sounds like a great idea!

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