The Flowers: Your Options

Starting to think about wedding flowers? See what your basic options are!

Wedding Flowers: Your Options

#1 Fresh Flowers

A popular choice for weddings, fresh cut flowers are beautiful and luxurious. Pre-arranged, arranged by a florist, or do-it-yourself.

Fresh flowers may seem pricey but there are more affordable options. If you you really want fresh flowers and you have any budget at all, you can probably have them ~ it’s just matter of how many and what kind.

Fresh flowers also require careful handling and, of course, don’t last forever.

Pros: They’re real, they’re beautiful, they may have  a sweet fragrance.
Cons: Potential allergy triggers, delicate, don’t last forever, time and weather sensitive.

#2 Silk Flowers

Otherwise known as faux flowers, fake flowers, or forever flowers. Fake flowers can be as pretty as the real thing. Choose the ones that look real!

Silk flowers (which are no longer made from silk but are still called silk flowers) vary in quality. While you don’t necessarily need the best, you definitely don’t want the worst. I’ve seen some that would make a cemetery blush ~ if cemeteries could blush.

Silks flowers of any reasonable quality are not cheap so they’re not necessarily a more budget-friendly option than fresh. However, you can save money by shopping sales for months in advance, which you can’t do with fresh flowers. They also last for years, if that’s important to you.

Pros: Last for years (that’s a pro if it’s what you want!), sturdier, not sensitive to weather, can be arranged ahead of time.
Cons: Not real flowers, can look noticeably fake (and ugly) so choose carefully.

#3 Dried Flowers

Dried flowers, whether purchased or dried by you can be beautiful for a wedding too.

I think they’re best for a fall or winter wedding where their “driedness” would be more meaningful and natural. Also, I think they would look more appropriate at smaller, informal weddings. This is a tricky choice and not at all customary. Plan carefully to avoid the “dead flower” look.

Pros: Can be arranged ahead of time, long-lasting.
Cons: Not abundantly available to buy, delicate.

#4 Live Plants

Live plants for decor . . .  maybe not so much for bouquets (that would be tricky!). I would expect live plants to be used in conjunction with other options. I’ve never heard of anyone carrying a live plant, although that doesn’t mean in can’t be done!

Pros: They’re real! Last beyond the wedding. May become permanent houseplants or be planted outdoors for the year (annuals) or for years to come (perennials).
Cons: Have to ensure that the plants are blooming at the right time, need to be watered and deadheaded to keep them looking their best while they wait for the wedding. Not suitable for all applications.

#5 Alternative Flowers

DIY or purchased flowers that are made from various materials, such as paper, wood, fabric, beads, ribbon, or other materials.

Pros: Won’t wilt or die, can be prepared ahead of time. Unique.
Cons: Some style are not suitable for all applications. Could be costly or time-consuming to make. Some may be delicate and not especially durable. Unconventional.

#6 Substitutes for Flowers

While you may not want an entirely flower-less wedding, other things can sometimes be used where flowers would otherwise be used, particularly table centerpieces and bouquets. For example, bridesmaids can carry fans instead of bouquets or feathers can be used in place of flowers. You can make a reception centerpiece out of just about anything.

Pros: Different, if that’s what you want. Avoid allergies without using fake flowers. Can be arranged ahead of time. May be cheaper (depends on what you use).
Cons: Unconventional.

#7 A Combination

Combine any of the above in a way that suits your style and wedding.

Pros: Use what works for you, save money where you need to, have flowers without spending a lot of money.
Cons: Unconventional. Could look like you “tried and couldn’t” if you’re not careful. Could look messy or inharmonious. Some combinations wouldn’t work well. 🙂

What would be your first choice for wedding flowers?

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