The Relationship: Things to Consider

Virtuous Weddings isn’t just a Christian wedding planning website. It aims to place equal emphasis on The Relationship, The Wedding, and Setting Up Housekeeping ~ the three key areas of getting married.

You don’t need to be told how to be in love. You got that. 😉 But what else does this area of Virtuous Weddings cover? This post briefly covers The Relationship things to consider when getting married.


The Relationship: Things to Consider


Things to Consider

Your relationship, pre-wedding

Big decisions you’ll have to make

Pre-marital counseling

Preparing for a strong, Christ-centered marriage

Your vows (and other elements of your wedding ceremony). They’re not just for decoration!

Actually getting married (you know, a marriage license and minister, and all that)

The honeymoon

Intimate issues and family planning


There you go!

The whole point of getting married is getting married. Don’t get lost in the ceremony and fluff (but do enjoy it!).

The Relationship area of Virtuous Weddings is about enjoying your friendship, and about preparing together to have a happy, healthy, successful, and God-honoring marriage.





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