Thirty-One Proverbs 31 Bridal Shower Ideas and Resources

Does the bride aspire to be a Proverbs 31 woman? Throw her a Proverbs 31 themed bridal shower!


This post contains thirty-one ideas and resources to make your Proverbs 31 bridal shower a success (and to make the bride’s eyes sparkle).


Thirty-One Proverbs 31 Bridal Shower Ideas and Resources


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#1 Ancient or Modern?

A Proverbs 31 theme could go either way. Take your cues from the original setting and specific activities of the Proverbs 31 woman and those around her, or go for a modern-day version, with the setting and activities of a modern-day homemaker.


#2 Which Translation?

Which translation of the Bible will you base your theme on? While the message is the same, the wording varies.


#3 What Does Proverbs 31 Mean to the Bride?

Talk to the bride. The most important thing, of course, is whether or not she would actually like a Proverbs 31 themed bridal shower. Then find out what the Proverbs 31 Woman means to her and let that guide you in developing the theme.


#4 What Does Proverbs 31 Mean to the guests?

That knowledge may give you some clues as to how to (or how not to) develop the theme.



#5 Devotional

Have someone write (or find) and share a Proverbs 31 themed devotional at the beginning of the shower.


#6 Prayer

Shower the bride with prayer—based on Proverbs 31. Select several women to pray specifically for the bride, each basing her prayer on two or three of the verses.


#7 Reading

Have a good reader read Proverbs 31:10-31. Or do a group reading, or have someone recite it.


#8 A Virtuous Woman Printables on Virtuous Weddings

Decorate with one of these. I would probably display it on a table in a sign holder.


#9 Proverbs 31 Quotes

Use framed or unframed as wall or table decorations. Use free Proverbs 31 printables or make your own.


#10 Proverbs 31 Themed Gift Record Sheet Set

Find it here.


#11 Proverbs 31 Gift Theme

Have everyone bring a gift that relates to a verse about the Proverbs 31 woman. You could assign verses or let them choose. You could also ask them to put that verse somewhere on the outside of the gift. And to explain the relationship, if necessary!


#12 Themed Gifts

Whether or not you ask guests to follow a gift them, you or close family could give the bride a gift based on each verse.


#13 Advice Shower

Have married guest shower the bride with their best advice—all based on Proverbs 31-10-31, of course!


#14 Advice Cards

Hand out advice cards or advice sheets that are Proverbs 31 themed.


#15 Games Set

Use this Proverbs 31 game set to provide themed games and activities for your guests.


#16 Recipe Cards

Proverbs 31 themed recipe cards. Send them to guests with the invitation and have them each bring back a favorite recipe.


#17 Charades

Based on Proverbs 31.


#18 Drawing Game

Same thing, only draw it instead of acting it out. Tip: if you want the entire shower group to be involved in every draw, use a large paper pad on an easel.


#19 More Game Ideas

Convert word games to a Proverbs 31 theme. Taboo and Apples to Apples would both work well.


#20 Rubies

A Virtuous Woman is worth more than rubies, but you could still go with a ruby theme just as a reminder of that, whether you use fake jewels or just the color!


#21 Special Gift From a Group

Stitch together a Proverbs 31 themed piece and give it as a special gift.


#22 Favors

Give sets of Proverbs 31 memorization cards as favors.


#23 Guests Need Themed Gift Ideas?

Give them a short list of ideas on an insert in their invitation. Some ladies won’t need it but others will have blank minds and an increased stress level, trying to come up with an appropriate gift! Give them a little direction based on the way you are developing the theme.


#24 Bible Gateway

A great tool for making your own decorations, booksmarks, gifts, whatever with Bible verses. Just search, copy, paste, and reformat!


#25 Decorate With Home Decor

Buy a Proverbs 31 themed piece of home decor. Use it to decorate, then give it to the bride as your gift.


#26 Get Praise From Husbands


You could: 

  • Read the praise as an activity.
  • Have guests guess which praise belongs to each woman (as a game).
  • Give each woman her praise as a favor.
  • Decorate with the words of praise.
  • Simply use the praise as education for the Bride (learning what things husbands appreciate most about their wives could be helpful and enlightening). 


#27 Get Praise From Children

If many of the women are a little bit older and thus have children old enough to participate, get praise from the children of the guests to use in the same way. The children wouldn’t have to be grown. I would say six or seven and up, unless you don’t want a actual child’s perspective. 


#28 Invitations

Make your own invitations and include a Proverbs 31 quote.


#29 Name Your Theme

Far above rubies, A Virtuous Woman, etc. Put the name on the invitations.


#30 Decorate With Objects Mentioned In the Text

Or objects used in the activities mentioned in the tasks: wool, grapes (from the vineyard), candle or lamp, spindle, silk, purple, linen. You could also use images depicting some of the things mentioned in the text.


#31 Decorate With Virtues Stated or Implied In the Text

Such as faithful, diligent, kind, and praiseworthy.


Bonus Tip: Don’t try to do everything. You ain’t got time for that!


Have fun!



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