Use What You Have Bridal Shower Inspiration: Berries and Cherries

“Use What You Have” is a great way to save money. Instead of planning a shower and then trying to figure out how to afford it, use what you already have available to you. If you have berries and cherries coming in your garden or orchard, use them!

What is the “Use What You Have” Concept?

Primarily, it’s using the supplies (or other resources, like tools and skills), that you already have in your possession. It’s especially good to use things that don’t already have a specific purpose, like extra craft supplies left over from projects (rather than just things you’ve stock up on), or things that can be reused (like tools and non-consumables).

Secondarily, it can mean using the resources you have available to you, even if that does mean spending some money. That is, you don’t have the things in your possession but you can easily and affordably obtain them. For example, if you have a lot of good thrift stores in your area you might shop for decor there, and pick your shower theme and style based on what you can find.

For gardeners, it means using the produce, flowers, and greenery you have in your garden (or orchard, or berry patch!) at the time of the shower, especially the things you have in over-abundance. Beyond the garden, it can also mean not just things you have coming in your garden but things that are readily available near you this time of year. So, if you don’t have an orchard or berry patch, or they’re not producing abundantly, you can also take advantage of in-season produce deals, using the same inspiration!

Use what you have bridal shower inspiration: berries and cherries

Inspiration: Berries and Cherries

This post is a collection of images of berries and cherries, designed to inspire! There are three ways you might use these for a bridal shower.

1) To feed the guests. Have a bumper crop of raspberries? Feed your guests raspberries!
2) As decorations. Fruit can be used to make beautiful displays, especially for a shower that is focused on food (for example: gardening, homesteading, kitchen).
3) In some other way. You may be able to use some things from your garden as part of a game or activity, or as a prize. Do any of these images suggest any possibilities? Hint: for a kitchen/food shower you could do a taste test as one of the games, or a recipe demonstration as an activity.


Just looking at these photos, I’m convinced that strawberries are a bridal shower hostess’ delight!

A strawberry photo collage showing ways strawberries could be used at a bridal shower.


If your cherry trees are producing in abundance right now, use them!

A cherry photo collage showing ways cherries could be used at a bridal shower.


Blueberries are one thing our homestead is producing (sadly, I can’t say the same thing for strawberries and cherries!). If I were hosting a bridal shower right now, I would certainly be looking at blueberry ideas!

A blueberries photo collage showing ways blueberries could be used at a bridal shower.


Yummy and beautiful raspberry ideas!

A raspberry photo collage showing ways raspberries could be used at a bridal shower.


Blackberries never looked so good!

A blackberry photo collage showing ways blackberries could be used at a bridal shower.


Are you a cranberry grower? Put those little guys to good use!

A cranberry photo collage showing ways cranberries could be used at a bridal shower.

Other berries

Clockwise from top left: (1, 2) Boysenberry, (3) red gooseberry, (4) red current, (5) honeyberry, (6) black current, (7, 8) huckleberry, (9) elderberry syrup, and (10) green gooseberries.

A berry photo collage showing ways a variety of other berries could be used at a bridal shower.

Mixed Berries

Mixed berry displays or treats would be a great way to use smaller amounts of berries.

A berry photo collage showing ways various berries could be used at a bridal shower.

And there you have it! Use what you have bridal shower inspiration, the berry and cherry edition! Did these photos spark any ideas for you? Berries and cherries can be so pretty!

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