5 Ways You Can Use Facebook As a Planning Collaboration Tool

No aspect of getting married is a solo deal, but if you have any family or friends at all it’s going to also involve people besides the two of you.


Collaboration can be challenging. Here are five ways you can use Facebook to collaborate!


5 Ways You Can Use Facebook as a Planning Collaboration Tool



#1 Messages

Just the simple ability to talk to someone in private (assuming no one’s looking over your shoulder!) about wedding details, bridesmaid dresses, which house to rent, your trousseau, or whatever you need to talk about. You can share pictures and links this way also.


#2 Group Messages

You can also talk to more than one person at a time. You can even give a group a name.


#3 Lists

Create lists of friends you want to talk to about specific things. This will not only keep your wedding from taking over your friends newsfeeds and give you greater privacy (so everyone you know doesn’t know what you’re planning) but you can also have private discussions with just immediate family, just your best friends, just bridesmaids, etc.

If you haven’t made a list before, on desktop go to your home feed. In the left sidebar, under “Explore” click “see more” then scroll down and click “friends lists.” You can create a list of specific Facebook friends here. Then, when you post, select this list as your audience for that post.  You can add or remove friends from a list at any time. 

I can’t find this area on mobile. Maybe it’s there, and maybe it’s not!


#4 Private Groups

If necessary, you can even create one or more private groups for planning your wedding/setting up housekeeping. Just keep in mind that everything you say (or anyone else says) in the group will be visible to everyone you let in. This could, however, be great for planning a long-distance wedding with a handful of key people scattered all over the globe!


#5 Share to Person

Okay, I don’t think it’s called that but you can share blog posts, products, and any other shareable content not just to your timeline but to individuals in private messages. It couldn’t be easier to get someone else’ opinion on something you’ve seen!


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