Ways to Add Snow and Ice to a Winter Wedding Shower

Planning a winter wedding shower ~ and want to make it super wintery? Here are eight ways to add snow and ice to a winter wedding shower!


8 Ways to Add Snow and Ice to a Wedding Shower


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Paper Snowflakes

Make paper snowflakes to use as decorations. The pin belows is about hanging them for a window decoration (neat!) but you could use snowflakes almost anywhere: on the tables, hanging from the ceiling, stuck to the walls.


Snowman Cheese Ball

This guy looks like he’s covered in mozzarella cheese. There are probably other options like plain cream cheese (though I kind of like the shagy look!) or even coconut. Speaking of coconut, you could probably make a dessert-y thing into a snowman too.


Homemade Snow

Designed to help kids have some indoor winter fun. I can see it used as an activity for younger guests at a wedding shower. . .  but since it is “sculptable” you might be able to turn it into some kind of contest/game for grown ups too.


Plastic Wrap Snow In a Vase

Somebody was inventive! 🙂


Coffee Filter Trees


Icy Pinecones


Snow Covered Pinecones


Fake Snow

Use in tablescapes or vases.


If you click through the link on the pin, there are some great ideas for how to use fake snow in tablescapes.

Snowy Mason Jars

For candle holders or as vases.


That’s it! Be sure to check out 10 Ways to Add Snow and Ice to a Winter Wedding for more ideas!


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