10 Ways to Add Snow and Ice to a Winter Wedding

Planning a winter wedding ~ because you like winter, not because it’s your only option? Here are ten ways to add snow and ice to your wedding decor!


Punched Paper Snowflakes

Make so-called confetti for a cheap table decoration. Check out this post: Snowflake Paper Punches.

I’m sure you could use those fancy punches for some other purpose too, but I haven’t thought of what!


Ten Ways to Add Snow and Ice to a Winter Wedding

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Snow Covered Branches and Pine Cones

Add them to your arrangements or make centerpieces out of just them. Aren’t they pretty?  |

Sparkly Branches


Snow Candle Holders



Not typical wedding decor, granted, but why not? Well . . . maybe because some guest might be tempted to throw them. 😉 But I think the decor below would be adorable for a rustic winter wedding!


Fake Snow

Use it under centerpieces or tablescapes. Or a beautiful snow village.

Snow Village

Speaking of snow villages! This pin proves a snow village wouldn’t have to cost a small fortune. Hint: look for village houses and churches at thrift stores.


The Color Silver


This looks like a very “Christmasy” arrangement but there are MANY ways you can use silver in a wedding to add sparkly or icey touches. More silver wedding ideas here.


The Color White


You probably wouldn’t even consider not having some white in your wedding (like the dress!) but white can also be a major wedding color, adding a snowy feel to a winter wedding. More white wedding ideas here.


Use Snowy Trees As Part of Your Decor

Then use them for years to come as part of your home decor.

That’s it! Stay tuned for ways to add snow and ice to a winter wedding shower!



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