Wedding Inspiration by Color

When planning your Christ-centered wedding, you may need some inspiration for a particular color or color scheme you are considering, sooo I’ve gathered up all the color-based wedding inspiration posts on Virtuous Weddings so far into this one handy list. Enjoy!

Wedding Inspiration by Color from Virtuous Weddings

Yellow Wedding Inspiration

Creamy yellow, bright yellow, sunflower gold . . . get your inspiration here!

Yellow wedding inspiration |
Green wedding inspiration |

Green Wedding Inspiration

Cool greens, bright greens, dark greens. They’re all here!

Purple Wedding Inspiration

Light and dark, rich or soft. Get your inspiration here!

Red Wedding Inspiration

All the reds!

Red wedding inspiration |
Pink Wedding Inspiration

Pink Wedding Inspiration

From pastel pink to hot pink, get your pink wedding inspiration here!

Orange Wedding Inspiration

Love orange? Check out these gorgeous orange ideas!

Orange wedding inspiration |

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