Planning With Pinterest Part V: Wedding Planning With Pinterest

So . . . just how can Pinterest help you with wedding planning?


Planning With Pinterest Part 1: Wedding Planning With Pinterest ~ Virtuous Weddings


5 Reasons to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

  1. It’s visual
  2. You can share what you find with others—or not
  3. Other people can easily share ideas for you by pinning to their own board which you follow or by pinning to a group board you’ve set up.
  4. There’s already a lot of wedding stuff on Pinterest. Searching and browsing will get you lots of ideas.
  5. It allows you to “clip” ideas from all over the web.


Search results for modest wedding dress



5 Best Uses of Pinterest for Planning a Wedding

  1. Bridal and bridesmaid attire
  2. Flowers and bouquets
  3. Details and decorations
  4. Cakes and cake tables
  5. Ceremony and traditions


Wedding related boards


5 Wedding Planning Pinterest Boards You Might Want to Create

  1. Wedding ideas—just a board for general wedding ideas you find and might want to look into later.
  2. Cakes I Love—because Pinterest is just a great way to keep track of cake designs you like.
  3. Flowers and Decor—for ideas.
  4. Bouquets. You’ll be looking at so many before you decide what you want, you might as well pin the ones you like best—and decide from there.
  5. Food. Ideas for what to serve at the reception or how to serve it.

Search results for blue spring wedding ideas


5 Secret Boards You Could Create

  1. What I Want to Wear—although you can call it whatever you want (wedding dresses, groom’s attire, suits and stuff, I love these dresses, whatever).
  2. My Wedding Style—or maybe, our wedding style (did you know more than one person can pin to the same secret board?).
  3. Things to read/do. Craft ideas you want to try, stuff you need to buy, things you want to research, or things you’re making for the wedding.
  4. Thank You Ideas—gift ideas, cards, or creative ways to thank family members, attendants, and friends, or honor your loved ones.
  5. Our Wedding—things you’ve actually decided to have or do (or something similar). This will give you a quick overview of your wedding so far. Include notes in the description area.

Name them whatever you want. These are just the ideas!


A wedding planning board suggestion.


5 Tips for Using Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

  1. Use secret boards.
  2. Delete pins that no longer interest you so that what’s left is relevant (note that you might want to keep pins for future reference, even though they’re not relevant to what you’re doing right now ~ they can be moved to a section or a completely different board instead of deleted).
  3. Use board sections and even multiple boards for wedding ideas so you can categorize your ideas.
  4. Include notes in the description (especially on secret boards) about why you like something or how you want to use it.
  5. Follow and unfollow boards strategically to get ideas for whatever you’re working on at the time (if you won’t need them again in the future). Already decided what your cake will look like? Unfollow cake boards to unclutter your feed.


A pinboard for the color yellow


So, hop on over to Pinterest and follow some relevant boards. Then—create your own boards for ideas, inspiration, and—even—how-to’s.



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