You Can Make Crepe Paper Flowers (Tutorials + Resources)

Want to make paper flowers for a bridal shower? Try your hand at making crepe paper flowers with this collection of tutorials and resources!

#1 Mexican Paper Flowers

Giant, multi-color crepe paper flowers. See photo #1 in collage below.

#2 Five Minute Crepe Paper Flowers

Quick and easy, fluffy (carnation style) crepe paper flower made from crepe paper streamers. See #2 in collage below.

#3 Crepe Paper Wisteria

Simple crepe paper wisteria. See #3 in collage below.

#4 Paper Daffodil DIY

Realistic (yes, really!) paper daffodils. Not pictured.

#5 Paper Tulip Craft

Realistic paper tulips made from crepe paper. They’re gorgeous! Not pictured.

#6 Video Tutorial: Simple Crepe Wedding Flowers

Versatile crepe paper flowers that look like roses or peonies. You’ll need to sign up to get the free pattern.

#7 Video Tutorial: Pretty Crepe Paper Flower Crown

Multiple crepe paper flowers in this video tutorial. You’ll need to sign up to get the free pattern.

Lia Griffeth specializes in crepe paper flowers so you’ll want to check out what she has to offer (including free tutorials). Check out her Getting Started With Crepe Paper Flowers guide.

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