Hunter Green Party Decorations

Are you looking for hunter green wedding shower decorations? Start here! You’ll find balloons, streamers, and more.

A little more, that is. I actually had a hard time finding literally “hunter green” party decorations. Hunter green is a popular color but not when it comes to party decorations! But don’t worry, there are other dark greens out that would probably work just as well. Below you’ll find what I did find that’s actually called “hunter green.”

Hunter green party decorations for wedding showers
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Tip: If you want your party supplies to be coordinated, choose products from the same line within the same brand. Alternatively, if you can’t find everything you want, pick a contrasting color (or just white) instead of a different shade of the same color in a different brand that might be more likely to clash.

Streamers and Garlands

Chair Sashes

Intended for weddings, but you could use them for a fancy wedding shower too.

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